Ask a Storytime Ninja: Lightning Round – Child Development Literature

Here’s our newest Lightning Round question! These questions are posed to all of our ninjas instead of just our featured monthly ones and are meant to be quick and efficient responses to some interesting inquiries. Here’s our question for this week:




The Question:


“Can you recommend any books on child development that youth services librarians should put on their ‘to read’ lists? Thank you for being such an awesome group!”


The Answers:


From Ingrid A. (


I like Young at Art: Teaching Toddlers Self-Expression, Problem-Solving Skills, and an Appreciation for Art Paperback by Susan Striker. Her tone is a little harsh sometimes, but I learned everything I know about process-oriented art in this book.


From Danielle Z. (@LibrarianDani):


“A Moving Child is a Learning Child: How the Body Teaches the Brain to Think by Gill Connell. I name drop this book all the time! I have learned so much about how children learn through movement and play and what they’re actually doing when they’re trying to jump up and hang from the light fixtures (no, not ruin storytime…learn!)


From Mary K. (@daisycakes):


My favorites:
Bright from the Start by Dr. Jill Stamm
Brain Rules for Baby by John Medina
Reading Magic by Mem Fox (the book that ignited my passion for early literacy)


Thanks for all the great responses everyone! Do you have any of your own? We’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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