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It has been a while since I’ve posted anything about Storytime University and I was so afraid to look through the badge submissions and discover that it just wasn’t being used. Quite to the contrary, there have been 778 badge submissions since Storytime University began just over a year ago! YAYAYAYAYAY!!! I’m so glad this has been a fun and useful resource for so many of you.


For those of you unfamiliar with Storytime University, you can read all about it here and see all the badges you can earn here. The TL;DR is that you can earn digital badges for participating in professional development activities. You can earn most badges without spending any money (the exceptions being attending conferences and trainings because we know many of you have to pay for those out of pocket) and we guarantee you will learn something new. Go sign up now!


Here are some stats for the year. You have all been busy! 


Flannel Friday: 187 tasks completed.


Grasshopper:  213 tasks completed.


Guerrilla: 46 tasks completed.


Ninja: 39 tasks completed.


Samurai:  31 tasks completed.


Sensei: 162 tasks completed.


Storytime ABCs: 172 tasks completed.


Thrive Thursday: This is our newest badge and we’re happy to see people working on it! 19 tasks completed.


Warrior: 3 tasks completed.

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