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The Advocacy Toolbox is back! Check the main page often for new tools to add to your toolkit. We’re doing amazing work – and we’ve got the research to back it up!


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You probably already knew what a great resource Zero to Three is. But did you know about their Baby Brain Map? Click on a baby’s age and you can see what exactly’s going on in the brain in different areas – like language, movement, social-emotional, and vision. Why is it important to talk to a baby? Because even at 6 months their brains are developing their language centers!


Simple parent tips are included too: “take a break yourself. If the infant is tired of doing too much, pick her up and have her rest on your lap. You might want to read a book out loud. She might not understand the words or pictures, but your voice, your words and what you are doing are “having an effect on the developing brain.””


Throw this resource in your toolbox to use whenever someone asks: why do we do storytime for babies? They can’t understand what you’re saying!


The more you know…. (yeah, you sang that in your head. I know you did).



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