Storytime University Badge Spotlight: Samurai

Badge icon "Samurai (1990)" provided by Simon Child, from The Noun Project under Creative Commons - Attribution (CC BY 3.0)

Wouldn’t you love to earn this super rad badge? It’s not hard! Here’s how.


First, make sure you’re enrolled in Storytime University. Just click Register at the top of the site and give us your info. Then, you should receive an activation key in your email. IF YOU DID NOT RECEIVE AN ACTIVATION KEY PLEASE LET US KNOW!!!! There are still 37 “pending” registrations on our end of things. I have emailed each of these accounts but if you have been waiting for a key or have not been successful logging in to the site, please let us know. We can fix it! Also, be sure to type your email address carefully. Several accounts have not been activated because there are typos in the email address. I’ve also done my best to hunt these folks down and let them know. Ok, so, this might be the hardest part of earning this badge!


On to the fun stuff! Complete the following 3 tasks, in no particular order, to earn the Samurai badge.


Task 1: Submit a Cool Thing 1 time.


Basically, send us an email with a link to something super amazing that you saw on the internets this week. It can be an article, website, or blog post but it should be related to early literacy, storytime, child development, or libraries. And it should be current. After you email us, go here and submit the same link you emailed to earn your first task badge.


Task 2: Featured in Coolest Thing 1 time


Did you write about something awesome that made it into the weekly Coolest Things post? Did we thank you for sharing a cool thing in a weekly Coolest Things post? Then get a badge for being so damn cool! Go here to submit for the badge. Just tell us in the submission box which week you were featured.


Task 3: Post on SU Facebook Page


Oh, now I KNOW you can all do this. Head over to the Facebook page and post a question, a link to a cool blog post, or comment on someone else’s post, then paste your post in the submission box here to earn the task badge.  Please make sure your posts are relevant to storytime, early literacy, libraries, etc. And remember, the Facebook page is meant to be a productive, supportive community!


Go forth and badge!




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