The Coolest Things I Saw on the Internet This Week

Ahh! I am so excited to be posting my first Coolest Things ya’ll! I really hope I can live up to the supreme awesomeness bestowed upon me.


For those of you that don’t know, 2 of your SU Joint Chiefs, our fantasmagoric Cory and ordinary me, are building tiny baby ganoushes at this very moment. To say that we are a little baby cray in the Underground would be a gross underestimate. Being baby crazy is easy to do when you are a Storytime ninja, but it can have its downsides. I now visually inspect every piece of baby gear that enters my library and judge my future motherhood on how much the babies like me.


Needless to say, I wanted to step up my baby Storytime game. Jbrary to the rescue with the latest post in their Baby Storytime series: Focus on Newborns!


There are 3 reasons I have fallen in love with this Dad’s letter to his newborn.


1. His daughter. Her name is Matilda and she is just beyond delightful.
2. The descriptive language he uses to describe books includes: “chunky things,” “valuable,” and “the itch in your feet.”
3. “Don’t let anyone tell you that you shouldn’t read a particular kind of book.” If you are anything like me, you cringe when a child is told that they can’t read ‘girl’ books or that they need to check out a ‘real’ book.


Kristy Sharpe Pasquariello asked our Facebook community if a kidlit focused podcast existed in the world and I had to chime in with the Let’s Get Busy Podcast! Each week Matthew Winner, an elementary school librarian, interviews an author, illustrator, or other kidlit notable about books, their lives and the publishing process. I fangirl on the regular with this one.


Head over to Literary Commentary for Kim’s Guerrilla Storytime recap from the Ohio Library Council Children’s and Teen Conference. My favorite? This tip to incorporate different languages into Storytime: “Sing a song in a different language and let the kids guess the name of the song.” Brilliance!


You may have noticed an offering from Dawn Prochovnic for a Sing, Sign & Storytime online class offering on the Facebook page. She is offering our community a chance to be beta testers (with a $15 contribution to the Children’s Book Bank in Portland). Click here for more info and to pre-register.


Being unhappy at work just plain sucks. People often think that our jobs consist of playing with kids and reading books all day which can make us feel incapable of talking about patriarchy, salary issues, or the lack of recognition we may be facing. Thank goodness for the recent SAA Conference tweets that introduced this girl to LIS Microaggressions. We must acknowledge to overcome.


The Joint Chiefs have been discussing happiness a lot lately and many of those chats involve locale and culture. How much of your job happiness depends upon the place you live? Can a perfect job be ruined by a lack of local restaurants? (I have a love/hate relationship with my current suburb situation) Cue Claudia Wayland’s post on the ALSC blog: Tips When Changing Jobs. The tips focus more on organizing a mood, but it got us thinking.


Yes, we get unhappy sometimes. There is still stuff that makes us smile:


This Colombian garbage collector rescues children’s books from the trash.


Schools trying new ways to promote literacy and movement.


Bedtime Stories = Brain Activation


Librarians are how libraries speak.


I will leave you with some Jazzy Ash to carry you through till next time ninjas (and ninjas in training).

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