What happens in storytime…

A couple weeks ago, someone shared this Instagram photo in the Storytime Underground Facebook group, and I LOVED it. It’s eye-catching and funny, and it drives home the point that storytime might look like fun and games, but it isn’t just fun and games, there is important work going on.

what happens in storytime books

As youth librarians, our work can be undervalued or misunderstood, either by colleagues or by patrons. After all, all we do all day is read books, play with toys, and do crafts, right? WRONG. I decided that I wanted to use this image as an advocacy/marketing tool for storytime at my library, and I thought you might want to also! So here are two different images sharing this important message. Feel free to download them, tweak them, add to them, and  use them to help share the message about the great work we do!

what happens in storytime

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