Storytime University: Email Us. No, Really. Email Us.

We have seen a fabulous increase in interest and participation in Storytime University, but it hasn’t been so easy to accomplish for many of you. Thanks for being patient with our plugin issues!


There are still a LOT of you who appear to have registered but for one reason or another your account has not been activated.  If you think you registered but you have not been able to log into the website, or have not activated your account here is what you need to do: Email us.

Send an email to storytimeunderground at gmail and include your name and the email you used to register.


We will get in touch with you as quickly as possible to resolve the issue so you can start earning badges.


If you are getting emails when we post new content but cannot log into the website or earn badges, and you would like to do those things, please email us.


If you aren’t sure if you have registered, email us.


If you are sure you registered but can’t remember your password, email us.


If you have any doubt or question about your registration, at all, email us.


If you want to say hello, email us.


Moral of the story, email us. And we’ll even send one back!


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