The Coolest Things I Saw on the Internet This Week

This week, I am in state conference mode! On one hand, I am super anxious for my first ‘real’ library presentation and the other hand is jazzy because I get to meet fellow Joint Chief Kendra in person! I am also trying to gather items for my mom’s garage sale, putting together nursery furniture, planning next week’s Storytimes, and hitting the homework pretty hard. Life can be hectic everyone. I am sure you knew that.




So, what keeps me going? Besides chocolate, I love the satisfaction my work brings me. One baby smile during The Elevator Song is enough good vibes to carry me through even the worst day.


Babies are pretty miraculous, but, as Matthew Melmed so elegantly put, they can be total underdogs. I know, or at least strongly hope, we all want to see babies thrive, but are we doing everything we can as a nation? I think not. We must invest in the babies!


I had no doubt, but did you know that babies totally know when they are skyping?



A majority of how we interact with babies in the library focuses on educating the caregiver. I am loving the Early Literacy Around the House series over at Storytime Secrets. The latest was all about the washing machine and I can’t wait to share the tip of sorting clothes with my toddler group next week!


Another great family tip? The Fayetteville Free Library featured a wonderful new program this summer that encouraged families to PLAY OUTSIDE.


What else got me forcing myself out of bed this week?


This article telling me that language acquisition may be the answer for closing the achievement gap.


The feeling of relief Abby gave me in knowing that everything is not going to be perfect.


The joy I felt when my husband’s favorite podcast talked about the science of Storytime.


I may stay in bed with the thought that the holiday season is on its way. Your Joint Chiefs know there will inevitably be more discussions on to holiday or not to holiday in your library. This Lisa Nowlain cartoon sums the discussion up in a beautiful and charming way.


What is fueling you this week?

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