The Coolest Things I Saw on the Internet This Week

Between reaching 5,000 Facebook members and hosting a splendid Virtual Guerrilla Storytime, we have been having too much fun here at Storytime Underground as of late.



Fun. So many think that is what our jobs are all about. You read books, sing songs, and play all day too right? No? There are struggles everyday concerning work politics, programming disasters, and the importance of your work with early literacy? You are not alone! I think we have all felt that we are misunderstood and not supported. How can we combat/educate those who only recognize the glitter, shakers, and sing-songy tone of our voices?


We fight, push, advocate, throw more glitter, educate, and continue to improve.


Some will liken us to superheroes that have a fully stocked utility belt with all the literacy answers. I personally prefer ninja, but I digress. This week, I have read and reread this line from the ALSC blog: “if we position ourselves as superheroes, doesn’t it follow that we assume library users are victims who need saving?”. Yes, we are supremely amazing, but I know that I do not have all the answers. We Don’t Need to be Superheroes! Instead, let’s try to be peers to our communities full of experts.


If you somehow missed the glorious Virtual Guerrilla Storytime last week, go find it on Twitter and Facebook! For a more traditional read, head to Library Village and check out this Guerrilla Storytime Recap from the 2015 OLC Convention and Expo!


Yes, many of us get to read children’s books while at work and it is lovely. However, staying on top of what is new can be daunting. Jbrary links to 10 fantastic resources for collection development in their We’ll Link to That series.


While you are busy improving your skills, why not work to empower the kiddos? Allow them to say no with a little guidance from Jenni Frencham. Learn more about problematic trust from Amy Koester and think about ways you can impact the choices available to children. Join Lisa Kropp in pushing caregivers for more bedtime stories!


Of course, still do the parts of your job that make you happy.


Play with the babies! Brooke talks about her bubble wrap wall and more.


Turn that Storytime music way up! Kendra shares her favorite jams.


Do something out of the box like Stephanie Prato and enhance your Storytime with sounds!


Shake those shakers with Liz Fraser’s tips!


What are you waiting for? Get to it!



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