Call for Submissions: Inclusiveness



Mighty SU community:


Today we’re sending up a signal and asking for guest post submissions during the month of December on the topic of inclusiveness.


For the past few months, we’ve featured material from a handful of guest bloggers who have been terrific and insightful. We’ve learned and shared so much with these voices from the community, and now we’d like to open the gates even wider.


Whether you’re a rookie or a veteran, a parapro or a director, you all have unique and inspiring perspectives to share. Please consider digging deep this month and sending us your best thoughts on this month’s topic.


Submissions can be emailed to Please include the words “December guest post submission” somewhere in your subject line.


Here are our current guidelines to help get you started. We can’t wait to hear from you!


Approx. word limit: 500


Be advised:


The joint chiefs have full editorial authority to evaluate and edit submissions. Not all  submissions can be published, but some may be saved for a later date. Submissions that advertise or endorse services, businesses, or products will not be published.


Please include: 




At least one image with appropriate photo credit


Short bio that includes contact information


Some tips:


If you’re highlighting several storytime activities or resources, please consider providing them in outline or listography format. Feel free to provide short descriptions with each thing in your outline or list. This helps readers focus on the heart of your content.


Please provide sources to content that you did not create wherever possible.


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