SU Local Chapters in All Their Glory!

The joint chiefs are ecstatic! We’re thrilled! We’re filled with joy and jubilation! You guys, today we are expanding Storytime Underground into the real world with…

Local Chapters!





SU is in love with peer to peer learning and raising up leaders. Here on the blog and in the Facebook group, we’ve encouraged you to share your ideas, ask questions, and learn from each other. SO MUCH powerful good has come from this so far, and now we’d like to take it a step further by calling on you all to meet!


In real life!


With coffee and alcohol and stuff!


We want you to meet your new best friend, to discover a song you didn’t know before, to rant and cry with people who understand. We want you to go out and have wild times or stay in and lounge.


We want you to have fun, learn, and connect with the people in your area who are already in touch with what SU is all about.


That’s what local chapters are about, but here’s what they’re not.


Chapters will not be affiliated with your state library organizations. Although we embrace any overlap that may occur, SU local chapters will not require membership of any kind. Instead, you’ll just communicate with your chapter leader to get into the loop for meetings.


We want you to learn from each other and network, but meetings do not have to be strictly professional. We will make some suggestions about the kinds of events you can throw, but your meetings can be as simple as going for a hike or meeting for a drink.


Still with me? Want to get involved?


Getting started is easy! Up top, you’ll find a new tab that says “SU local chapters.” Just send a message to the leader listed in your state for information about how your chapter will be communicating. Your leader will connect you with the group.


That’s it!


If you don’t see your state listed yet, don’t dismay. We’re adding people as we’re able to vet them and hope to have a chapter in most states eventually.


Now get together and party!


In January, the joint chiefs would love to see…

Guerrilla Storytimes!

Check out our shiny kit here.

Cue endless dance party!




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