Resolve to Rock 2016

Many of you participated in our 2015 invitation to Resolve to Rock and shared your professional goals for the year, and many more of you followed along in support.

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At this time last year, I was seven months into my first librarian job, still discovering all the amazing YS librarians and blogs out there, and didn’t have a blog of my own.

So this  year, I am going to Resolve to Rock 2016 by letting go, slowing down, and making sure to take time to just be me. AND I invite you all to join me!

If you participated last year, how did your year go? You might want to write a reflection of what did and didn’t work. Maybe you want to share new (or the same!) goals for 2016. If you’ve never made (or shared) professional goals, consider thinking about a few things you want to focus on for the coming year.

Please feel free to use our rock image on your own blog posts as you consider these questions, and share your thoughts and links in the comments below! We’ll be collecting rocks all month (so if you’re going to Midwinter, no pressure!) and we will happily share a round-up at the end of January.

Rock on, you awesome librarians!

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5 thoughts on “Resolve to Rock 2016

  1. Profile photo of Kyndra JonesKyndra Jones

    What amazing goals everyone had last year! I resolve to do new and fun storytimes this year. Branch out and do different topics I haven’t done before, along with favorites, that will hopefully draw in new preschoolers and toddlers. Try to do more interactive things during storytime and have lots more fun with the kiddos and their parents. Number one priority, enjoy my job, and plant the love of reading inside each and every child’s heart.

  2. Profile photo of MichaelaMichaela

    2014 was an amazing year for my program. It succeeded like no other yearly program before it. Last year, due to an operation, I missed the first 3 months of the year and it was left to another staff member to run. All my preplanning and prep work was thrown out the window and as a result of the changes made number were down 78% on the previous year.
    2016 will be all about regaining control of my program, earning back my stats and growing the program to a sustainable level. I want to reinstate my outreach program (which had full to capacity subscription in 2014 but completely dropped in 2015).
    I desperately need to reinstate the Library and story time as the vibrant program it was before I lost control over it.

  3. Profile photo of Leslie BlountLeslie Blount

    This year I resolved to learn more about story times to make them totally Rock!. I have worked at the library for a long time, but I always did family programs. Now I am doing preschool story times and school age programs. In my search for more training, I found this wonderful site. I can’t wait to do the Story Time University!

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