Local Chapters: January Check-Up


Are you ready for some exciting news?!


We now have 26 local chapters in 24 states!


In the Facebook groups that have been shared with the joint chiefs, there are 316 members!






The joint chiefs are constantly in a huddle, jumping up and down about this! You are all amazing! We’re thrilled and excited about all the potential here.


I wanted to take a moment to give you all some back up and a little pep talk.


Are you looking for ideas about getting more members?

  • Try looking for listservs in your state and share the link there. Bonus points if you reach some people who haven’t even heard of Storytime Underground before!
  • Advertise it through the “big” Storytime Underground FB group. Write a post, share the link, and draw in some newbies!
  • Talk it up at your next staff meeting or at the next workshop or conference you attend. Often if you check with presenters before they begin a session, they’ll be happy to let you come up toward the end to share a message that would help the group.

Are your Facebook groups a little quiet?

Here are some prompts to help get things rolling:


  • Introduce yourselves here and tell us what your favorite part of storytime is.
  • Share a photo of your storytime space.
  • Tell us about your favorite new or newly discovered storytime read.
  • What do you love most about working with [insert age group here]?
  • Is there anything you struggle with during storytime?
  • Where are you with planning for summer reading?

Some ideas for meet-ups:

We cannot wait to hear about your meetings! When you select a date for your first get-together, please send us an email and we’ll do a round-up showing off all your progress!

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