Motivational Monday: Award Some Encouragement

To help get you motivated and ready for the work week, we’re starting you off with an easy way to encourage your teammates.


As a very busy supervisor, I know that I sometimes miss all the small things my teammates do that make a big difference in the way our patrons connect to the library. It’s so easy to forget to acknowledge how important those things are. While I hope these awards will help supervisors remember that, I also hope it empowers every person on a team to be the one to encourage your co-workers. EVERYONE on a team is responsible for keeping a positive atmosphere and helping each other grow.


Please feel free to print these out and hand them to someone who is doing an amazing job. If you can, I would encourage you to take a few moments to write a couple sentences on the back about a specific thing you observed. You never know what just noticing could mean to someone.


Happy Monday!


connecting with adults award


reader's advisory


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