Motivational Monday: The Ready for Anything Playlist

Some days are big. And when I say big, I mean drinking-all-the-coffee, arriving-early-staying-late, planning-all-the-things, taking-the-show-on-the-road, omg-is-that-the-entire-school BIG. Amiright?


Some days, I can’t even see the top of the mountain I have to climb. I know it’s up there in a swirling cloud of wind and snow, but I’m way down in my covers and too warm to get out and put on my boots.


This is music for those kinds of days. There’s some funk, some whimsy, some feel-good, and some serious attitude. Listen, feel amazing, and then add your own motivational favorites because it’s collaborative!


Just a heads up, this playlist is not safe for the public desk.


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