Sunday Storytime Challenge

Every other week, we will post a Sunday Storytime Challenge. The goal is to encourage the SU community to try new things and share out those adventures. Challenges will vary widely and can include craftiness, elevator speeches, networking, professional development and beyond!


So here is this week’s challenge!




A well done goodbye routine can be the perfect terminal punctuation mark on your stellar Storytime, but it requires some forethought. When I started out, I stayed in my little stool, sang my goodbye song, and awkwardly waved at everyone.



Yes, I was probably adorable and it was a perfectly acceptable way to end things. However, I was making absolutely no connection. Storytime ended abruptly and the ‘routine’ got stale fast. Now I have a wind down routine that I love:


  • Rolling of the Storytime cube.
  • Current session’s closing rhyme.
  • Current session’s closing song in which I get off my butt, walk around and make a connection with every kiddo in the room.
  • Mingle time! I make every effort to be available to hug toddlers, answer questions about baby development, or pretend to be a dinosaur.


This certainly isn’t brilliance at work, but by taking the time to think about how I ended things has benefited everyone involved. So I pass the challenge to you!


Don’t know where to start? Here is some inspiration to get your motor running:


Try out a new goodbye song. Storytime Katie, Miss Meg, and Jbrary are all great places to begin your search.


Take some archive SU advice and add a Storytime cube to your closing routine!


Gain some confidence in talking with caregivers by beefing up your early literacy messages!


Saroj Ghoting provides an array of tools on her website. I should laminate the What Can I Say? guide because I have loved it so.


I appreciate how CLEL breaks down their Tips for Choosing Books into simple concepts.


Zero to Three makes me smarter with every visit.


Now that you have your inspiration, get out there and change it up! Then make sure to come back and share with us. There are so many ways you can share:


  • Simply comment to this post!
  • Email us at
  • Tweet it out using #storytimechallenge
  • Do you have a kick-ass blog? Share your challenge story there and send us the link!


There is no concrete timeline for you to complete the challenges and they will always remain open.


We can’t wait to see what you can accomplish!


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