Sunday Storytime Challenge

Every other week, we will post a Sunday Storytime Challenge. The goal is to encourage the SU community to try new things and share out those adventures. Challenges will vary widely and can include craftiness, elevator speeches, networking, professional development and beyond!


So here is this week’s challenge!




As a new parent, I don’t know that I would have had any clue about early literacy if I wasn’t involved in Storytime. I am sure many of us have met the caregiver who thinks reading to their baby is silly-“They can’t understand it!”. How can we teach first time parents that oral exploration of books is an important marker? That by having a safe and secure reading time, you are establishing a love of books? Talk to your baby, please!!


Many doctor’s offices have jumped on the early literacy bus, but few libraries seem to be doing much to bring early literacy to prospective parents.


If you are already rocking this population, share your excellence! If not, brainstorm some solutions this week. Then make sure to come back and share with us. There are so many ways you can share:


  • Simply comment to this post!
  • Email us at
  • Tweet it out using #storytimechallenge
  • Do you have a kick-ass blog? Share your challenge story there and send us the link!


There is no concrete timeline for you to complete the challenges and they will always remain open.


We can’t wait to see what you can accomplish!

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