Local Chapter of the Month: Minnesota

Each month, we’ll be recognizing and featuring one local chapter. We hope this helps you discover new groups, get ideas for meet-ups and discussions for your chapter, and also reward all the networking that’s going on and the work that goes into that.

This month I’m recognizing the Minnesota SU Chapter.


Minnesota is really crushing it. They have more than 100 members, they’re sharing the events and opportunities for networking that already exist in their state, they’re highlighting resources I didn’t know about, posting job ads, and asking really great questions.

Go, Minnesota!

Here’s what I love about their chapter:

  • They’re using other local events as a way to meet each other and connect.
  • Many members are involved in sharing and really interested in discussions on articles.
  • They’re really interested in seeing each other grow.

So go take a gander at their group and find some awesome resources!

Just joining us on local chapters? Find yours here and find some information about what it takes to be a chapter leader.


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