Local Chapter of the Month: Arizona

Each month, we’ll be recognizing and featuring one local chapter. We hope this helps you discover new groups, get ideas for meet-ups and discussions for your chapter, and also reward all the networking that’s going on and the work that goes into that.

This month, we’re recognizing our Arizona chapter.


Arizona Local Chapter leader, Stacie Kopa is throwing out learning and networking opportunities left and right. Here are some of the things she’s come up with:

  • A post-summer Flannel and Wine Party
  • Extended invitations to participate in a library’s Music Together and First Things First training events
  • A casual breakfast
  • A first-time meet and greet

I’m so impressed by everyone’s commitment to learning and growing here. Members are sharing and commenting on articles and resources, sharing job postings, and sharing learning opportunities in the area.

With 45 members in just a few months, this group is growing quickly. Thank you to Stacie and all the members who are coming together, contributing feedback and ideas, and just making it all work. We love watching you grow and connect!


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