The Coolest Things I Saw on the Internet Recently

Why hello there!


Yes, we have been slacking on the coolness collection lately. However, that just means that you are getting an eyeful today. Are you ready?


First, I am gonna toot the SU horn a bit. Cory took over the SU Twitter last week and while some may call it an epic rant, I prefer to call it TRUTH. We saw the need to officially  take the stance that we will choose a side when it comes to human rights. We ask you to to join us.


Yes, we felt a little famous after the thread had a ‘moment’ on Twitter and we watched with awe as our notifications began buzzing. We were inspired by many libraries and librarians and library staff and people who are simply amazing. Multnomah County Library hosts a Black Storytime as well as Storytimes in multiple languages. The Denver Public Library is asking users to join the conversation by submitting their race card. The Skokie Public Library created Black Lives Matter reading lists that allow families a chance to talk together about the movement.


and….yes, diverse books are exactly what our patrons need. Windows and mirrors for everyone, but be sure your ‘diverse’ display isn’t filled with just books about civil rights, pride, and Japanese lantern crafts. Make sure you show off those books that have diverse characters just being characters in a book. I loved this piece from Raych Krueger at Book Riot for spreading that sentiment: Picture Books With LGBTQ Parents Just Being Parents.


Talking is important. Taking a stand publicly is important. We know that so many of you are finding it hard to do so in systems that refuse your efforts. We are here for you. We got your back always. Now to more coolness:


Jbrary shared a fabulous list of non-librarian blogs that you must check out. I personally read Mama OT and this baby happens to really like all those tummy time tips.



Yes, I exploit my baby’s adorable face.


Roller Derby ladies invaded this library’s book club and our hearts went pitter patter.


Try a Rube Goldberg Machine program like Ms. Anna!


Check out Miss Julie’s Top Five Tips for Youth Reader’s Advisory. I now want to make a candy readalike list!


Go Pokemon Go.


Finally, some flannel fun with dinosaurs, monkeys, and tools.

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