Sunday Storytime Challenge

Welcome to another Sunday Storytime Challenge! The goal is to encourage the SU community to try new things and share out those adventures. Challenges will vary widely and can include craftiness, elevator speeches, networking, professional development and beyond!


So here is this week’s challenge!




We hope that our work here at the Storytime Underground inspires you to do more for your library users. We want you to think, play, and work harder for them. We also want you to know that you are important. Your work is important. You deserve funding, compliments, chocolate, off-desk time, and so much more. 


We think you are:




It is unfortunate that you may not have your praises sung from rooftops every morning. Your fellow staff may feel like all you do is glue glitter on craft sticks. They are likely to go on believing this until you inform them of your baby brain building awesomeness. So, we want you to shout your praises to someone this week. Share a recent accomplishment, talk about your research, or discuss your future goals with those around you. (Your cat does not count)


Did you share your success at a library board meeting? Send in a request for an hour of time to do research? Did the mayor visit your Storytime? Make sure to come back and share with us! There are so many ways you can share:


  • Simply comment to this post!
  • Email us at
  • Tweet it out using #storytimechallenge
  • Do you have a kick-ass blog? Share your challenge story there and send us the link!


There is no concrete timeline for you to complete the challenges and they will always remain open.


We can’t wait to see what you can accomplish!

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One thought on “Sunday Storytime Challenge

  1. Profile photo of AshleyAshley

    This was me just last week! A comment was made by admin that implied that we should hand story times over to a volunteer. I have 3 a week, with only a few small breaks in sessions year round. Obviously it didn’t sit well with me because story times are vital to my role at our library. We are a relatively big library for our area, with 3 floors serving a population of around 27,000. I serve a lot of families!

    After a staff meeting decision was made (volunteers could run story times after attending 5 in a row with me), I still wasn’t happy. After things had a couple of days to cool off I spoke up one-on-one with our director. She didn’t realize that her comments came across that way and apologized many times. I was able to convey that story times are much more than just reading stories, and we decided together that a volunteer could read *one* story per story time and that I would lead the rest. This ensures that our story times stay high quality and gives our volunteers a chance to participate as well. Win-win!

    I was so surprised at how much a little miscommunication could affect me. I was able to clear the air and we’re on an even keel again. And I was able to teach someone about the inner workings of story times as well! This situation taught me a valuable lesson–advocating for yourself doesn’t have to turn into an argument. Sometimes a one-on-one conversation is all it takes!

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