Coolest Things I Saw on the Internet

So, if you’re like us, you might be taking a lot of breaks in your day to say things like:




Because, yes. Often.


But today we’re bringing you awesomeness in the form of the brilliant things our peers are doing on the internet. Maybe by the time you’re done reading, you’ll feel like at least your corner of the world is a little less suck-y.


Perspective-Altering Awesomeness (Maybe/hopefully)


First, of course, Bryce wrote this post about being an ally for people with disabilities in the library. This is something that I’m personally still learning about all the time. A lot of us don’t have loved ones with disabilities, so their struggles may seem a little foreign to us. Thankfully, we have professionals like brave Bryce to guide us.


Then Miss Julie gave us some examples of STEM and STEAM-related programs that she thought were well done and responsive to the community’s needs and used it as a way to help us think about how overwrought and tone deaf other programs and services can be.


If you haven’t read Jbrary’s article on the important issue of talking to kids about race, please do so now. I love how this post makes it clear that talking about race, even in storytime, is not pushing an agenda. Just like pointing out the differences in shapes or talking about being kind to the child with the helmet, it’s essential to development.


I loved when Abby wrote about feeling overwhelmed. Her first post was several months ago on the ALSCblog  and I hope you read that, too. It links to some of my favorite posts about burn out and I love how writing about it helped so many other people relax somehow. I have not been blogging as much because of my hectic summer, so I loved when Brooke chimed in too about her break from blogging.  It’s okay to stop, people!


One last thing:

Holly found this gem on Youtube. You won’t be sad you watched it.



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