Sunday Storytime Challenge

Welcome to another Sunday Storytime Challenge! Our goal is to encourage the SU community to try new things and share out those adventures. Challenges will vary widely and can include craftiness, elevator speeches, networking, professional development and beyond!


So here is this week’s challenge!


1-29-17 Challenge


I want your Storytime to be the most welcoming, warm, and wildly fun place to be. How can you ever expect people to feel welcome if you don’t introduce yourself!


Now, some of you are probably saying “Hey, I already get my whole crowd to say ‘Hello Miss Julie’ in a silly voice!” Why that is great (and sadly something that didn’t happen when I visited a Storytime recently), it simply isn’t enough. If we want children to connect to books and the library, we need to connect with them. What a better place to do this than in your Storytime?


You could share yourself by:


  • hugging your favorite books before you share them with the group
  • teaching a song your learned when you were a kid
  • pointing out how you are similar or different from a character in a book
  • talking about what you ate for breakfast before doing Bread & Butter
  • describing your job (wait, you don’t just read kids stories?)


Maybe don’t share your weekend escapades as Grape Nose Boy!

Did you have all the kids learn how to spell your name? Did you talk about how your mom used to spread blackberry jam on your toast? Make sure to come back and share with us! There are so many ways you can share:


  • Simply comment to this post!
  • Email us at
  • Tweet it out using #storytimechallenge
  • Do you have a kick-ass blog? Share your challenge story there and send us the link!


There is no concrete timeline for you to complete the challenges and they will always remain open.


We can’t wait to see what you can accomplish!

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