The Coolest Things We Saw on the Internet: Ethics Edition

Why hello there!


Today, we want to share with you some really great posts that have been floating around our world this week. They happen to be about the ethics of librarianship.


Your thoughts on librarianship values may be challenged over at Bryce Don’t Play and that is a good thing. Think about how your choices impact the service you provide in your community.


Julie from Hi, Miss Julie has been inspiring me/getting me off my butt on Twitter this week (and pretty often in general). She also reminded us of some great (and very applicable) posts she made a few years back. If you have ever wanted to rid the world of ‘bad’ librarians, but are too afraid to speak up, The Ethical Librarian is a must read.


Book Riot is focusing on literary activism this week, but my favorite has definitely been this post from Kristina Pino about relatively simple ways diversity, empathy, and kindness can be brought into the classroom.


Finally we need so many more library workers who ‘do everything wrong’.


(What, you don’t have dance parties in the aisles?)

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