Joint Chiefs

The Joint Chiefs of Storytime Underground maintain all facets of the organization and work hard to provide the utmost services, resources and information for all of you Guerrillas in Youth Services. In case you’re curious…


The Awesome Joint Chiefs

Having a blast at the 2016 Nevada Library Association Conference (from left to right: Kendra Jones, Julie Crabb, Soraya Silverman-Montano, Brytani Fraser, Mary Kuehner, Cory Eckert, Holly Storck-Post)


Brytani Fraser


Brytani is an all-purposes librarian in western North Carolina, serving everyone from babies to seniors. She loves to sing and play in storytime and she’s especially fond of scarves (as props and as accessories). Growing up, she idolized Captain Janeway, dreamed of being a zoologist, couldn’t part with her SNES, and named classical composers for days. In college, her lack of math skills led her to a BFA, which taught her to fail brilliantly and to be daring with punctuation. She’s never loved any vehicle more than her old, rugged Jeep Cherokee and she uses it to go hiking most weekends. She eats curry as comfort food and plays video games into the wee hours of the morning.


Cory Eckert


Cory is the librarian for a private Montessori school in Houston, and is the idea-genius behind Guerrilla Storytime. She can often be heard bemoaning the lack of Eegee’s in her tiny adopted town. Most of the things there are to know about Cory can be found out by following her on Twitter @helenstwin (No, she hasn’t a sister named Helen. But Clytemnestra did). Here are a few things you might not already know: Cory is a huge fan of Tennessee Williams, hates the Narnia books and thinks no book has ever been or will ever be funnier than I Am The Biggest Thing in the Ocean. If asked politely, she can recite Puck’s entire closing monologue from A Midsummer Night’s Dream and/or all the things MeatLoaf wouldn’t do for love. She firmly believes that cats with tails are inferior. Sometimes she dances with a sword on her head. Like dragons, Cory loves tacos.


Holly Storck-Post

holly-headshot square

Holly is the Youth Services Coordinator at Monroe Public Library in Monroe, WI. She loves everything about youth services, especially early literacy work, art/maker/STEAM programming, and reading teen books. Holly speaks Spanish fluently, advocates for library services to Spanish speakers, and loves doing bilingual storytime! She is part of the administrative team of the Library as Incubator Project, and loves sharing how libraries and artists can work together. Holly is also a founding member of WisCode Literati, an initiative which promotes coding by supporting librarians and educators to bring coding to their communities. Holly blogs about her adventures at


Julie Crabb


Julie Crabb is currently a Children’s Library Associate in Kansas. She presents multiple Storytime programs each week for the baby to toddler crowd and is truly working her dream job. She shares her life with a hilarious and kind husband who puts up with her bad habits (mainly burping). They spend their days off visiting the zoo, shopping at thrift stores, or watching movies in their pajamas. Julie loves reading gruesome crime novels, silly picture books, and almost everything in between. She plays pop parodies on the ukulele at every family function and loves mint chocolate chip ice cream. She also has weird fascination with geese, Paul Simon, and the 1980 classic, Animalympics.


Kendra Jones

tiara pic

Kendra is the Youth & Family Services Coordinator for Timberland Regional Library in WA. She became a Guerrilla Storytime groupie the second Cory mentioned the idea. Kendra is a toddler wrangling Twitter addict (@klmpeace) who blogs all things storytime (and more) at Read Sing Play. She spends more time watching TV series than is likely healthy and believes garden slugs are plotting to take over the world. There are too many amazing stories for her to pick a favorite. She is a terrible joke teller but thinks everything is funny, including her terrible jokes. Blue is her favorite color. She hopes Mary teaches her more ukulele chords.


Mary Kuehner


Mary Kuehner is an early literacy librarian in Colorado where she works with a passionate team committed to sharing books and early literacy activities with children and helping parents learn what they can do to help their young children become readers. She is a founding member of Colorado Libraries for Early Literacy (CLEL), sits on the steering committee for Earlier is Easier, and, to make sure people don’t take her TOO seriously, has tattoos of Pete the Cat, The Pigeon, and Grumpy Bird. She’s a proponent of the snort-laugh and wishes somebody would create an emoticon to represent it that she could use on twitter (@daisycakes). This –> \<>/ is the emoticon she made up for *kermit arms*. She can frequently be found singing storytime songs to her disapproving three-legged cat and/or blogging at Miss Mary Liberry. Se habla español.


Soraya Silverman


Soraya Silverman-Montano is a Youth Services Librarian in good ‘ol Sin City, Nevada and is still surprised she managed to trick the other Joint Chiefs into letting her craziness into Storytime Underground (but shhh!  Don’t tell anyone!).  She enjoys cosplaying, video gaming, eating (although $100 says she’s pickier than anyone you know), being a mad scientist, not so much talking in 3rd person, and her favorite part of the job is getting bear hug tackled by 30 kindergarteners.  She believes that professional development is A MUST, that continuing to grow and learn and spread that knowledge with her peers and participate in SU has been such an honor.  You can find her on twitter @vivalosbooks although she hasn’t quite figured the whole twitting thing out yet but if you’d like to see her crazy first hand, just follow her on Facebook.


Joint Chiefs Emeriti

Amy Koester

Brooke Newberry

The Joint Chiefs

The original Joint Chiefs of Storytime Underground at the 2014 ALA Annual Conference (from left to right: Cory Eckert, Brooke Newberry, Kendra Jones, and Amy Koester)


The Joint Chiefs, as well as any other individuals who might post to Storytime Underground, are expressing personal opinions and do not speak for the group, or for the organizations with which they are affiliated or employed. All views are personal and should not be interpreted as being representative of anyone but the writer/speaker.

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