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The Coolest Things I Saw on the Internet This Summer

YOU GUYS. I have not posted a Coolest Things in AGES. I’m blaming my fetus. Did you know that it’s a lot of work to grow a human, and it makes you super tired? True story.


It’s been a very lazy summer for us at Casa Eckert, what with the humans to grow and the cats to snuggle and whatnot. I know, my public librarian sisters (and brethren) are neck deep in SRP and paddling for their lives. I have been there, friends, and all I can say is, look into school librarianship! No, seriously, I love and thank you all so much for keeping our kids from falling into summer slide. I, hoever, have never been so grateful for nothing to do. But! I did drag myself (oh, the sacrifice) to San Francisco for ALA/Pride.


WE WOONNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Also Guerrilla Storytime turned 2, which is amazing to me. We had some really great times this year at GS, with a lot of new voices who can now carry the message of the revolution back to their local comrades. Bwahahahaha.


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We at SU also facilitated a panel called Managing The Future, which was about managing YS innovators and BEING a YS innovator. The hashtag was #futureYS if you want to check out what was said by the brilliant Kendra Jones and Abby Johnson (and less brilliantly said by myself). Justin Hoenke wasn’t able to be there in person (he’s like, a big time library director with a churchhouse now or something. Excuses.) but he posted his notes on his blog.


If you are in the middle of SRP and running out of superpowers (ha! see what I did there?), the amazing 4000+ librarians on the SU Facebook group are constantly posting rad ideas, so go check them out if you haven’t already.


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How about some blog posts?


Amy at Catch the Possibilities took a program she’d planned months before and had lost her excitement for and made it amazing!


Erin at Falling Flannelboards wrote about apps she’s loving. We’re all looking for good apps to rec to parents, right?


Kim at Literary Commentary talks practically about she incorporates literacy messages into her storytime.


Lauren at Do-It-Yourself Library Instruction wrote about the culture of silence in librarianship, a subject about which I think we could have weeks of discussion. Thanks to Buffy J. Hamilton (@buffyjhamilton, The Unquiet Librarian) for tweeting the link.


Here’s a great article from the Early Childhood Teacher blog about boosting preschoolers’ cognitive development with books and shared reading. It’s a chunk of reading but has some great elevator speech points about why what we do matters so much.


I hope to be blogging more regularly now that I’m solidly in my second trimester. But! We are recruiting new talent, so soon there will be all new awesome content on the blog!


In the meantime, I love you all.

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In a totally gay way.

The Coolest Thing I Saw

This week, one of my favorite library blogs ever is having a birthday: Bryce Don’t Play turns 4! Bryce linked to 8 new blogs she’s loving, and they are all worth checking out.


I especially love this baby sensory play post from Mallory Tells Stories, this candy science program from the LibraryKart, yeah, I won’t link to them all, go see Bryce! She’s got you hooked up.


You needed to giggle, didn’t you?


Sometimes, the world around us falls apart, and picture books are therapy. Keep being amazing, Baltimore.


I love the Self-Care Sundays series that Kendra’s been doing. There’s so much burnout in librarianship, for obvious reasons. Let’s all support each other in getting the hell away from the library world and into pedicure chairs or travel adventures or margarita pitchers or. . .whatever self care looks like for us.


Brooke also recently did a blog roundup, this time of her go-to early literacy sites, all of which should be in your toolbox.


This idea, from Not Just Cute, about noticing the seeds we’re planting instead of relying on finishing items on a to do list, would probably be great to share with parents. But, I think it’s also a great idea for us, professionally. Some days it feels like noting gets “done” except maybe some connection building, some planting of seeds.



The Coolest Thing I Saw on the Internet

You guys! What a month. I’ll tell you about it eventually. In the meantime. . .Cool things! And GIFs. GIFs with zero rationale except they made me giggle.


Abby’s American Libraries column is always excellent, and she’s calling on us to be responsible for how we’re incorporating diversity into every aspect of our work.


I love Jbrary’s series on Canadian libraries, and this post by guest blogger Jane Whittington is EXCELLENT. Here is a quote: “Community outreach is particularly important in an increasingly diverse city like Vancouver. Those of us who grew up in North America may take it for granted that libraries are free and open to all, but libraries take different forms in different countries, and these assumptions are not universal. Community outreach allows us to connect with people who may feel too intimidated to enter the library because of language barriers, think the library has a membership fee they can’t afford, not see the value in the library because they do not read English material, or assume that children are not welcome in a quiet, formal space like a library.”


Katie writes about how she organizes her storytime stuff, and seriously, bestill my heart.


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This post of Erin’s made me tear up in the middle of lunch, so. GROWING READERS, Y’ALL.


This Kermit display for St. Patty’s makes my life.


I’m so glad Jenni at From the Biblio Files wrote this post about non traditional class visits.



how i feel when i watch soccer


I’m ALWAYS willing to think creatively about shelving. Why are we stuck with what we’ve always done? Brian at Swiss Army Librarian seriously shook up his shelving, and he says it’s uber-successful in his community.

Things I Saw on the Internet This Week

They’re not all cool, per se, but. . . interesting? Important?


This first one IS super cool. Boston just remodeled the Children’s area in their central library, a facility managed by the extraordinary Laura Koenig. It looks, truly, incredibly inspiring. Laura’s hiring an early literacy librarian right now! You could work in this amazing space!


Jason Griffey wrote about poor libraries in poor communities paying low wages. I have so many thoughts! Full disclosure: Lisa (@byshieldmaiden), who originally posted about the low wage of the position, is a good friend, and I really get that she’s seeing the broad perspective of librarians being paid below what they’re worth, and/or administrative jobs that can’t attract MLISs because the candidate wouldn’t be able to afford their loan payments. I also think all the things Jason said are valuable. My fervent hope is that this sparks a dialogue about how we can help those communities have the best services possible — and help that director, probably non-degreed and possible totally untrained — feel as supported as possible. There’s a lot going on in the comments, not all of which I agree with.  Interestingly, the person currently holding the position commented, and says the library has supported her professional membership dues and more, which I think is awesome. I have thoughts! I bet you have thoughts! Let’s talk.


Kirkus interviewed Pam Munoz Ryan and she is a FASCINATING GENIUS and wow.


Do you want to help fund a kickstarter for more diverse stock photos? I feel like you might.


The world is a sad and dangerous place, friends. Parks and Rec is gone forever, and Kansas wants to CRIMINALIZE distributing controversial books.



In good news, it seems like we’re keeping net neutrality, so, we don’t need to burn the week to the ground yet, I guess?


If you need some cheering up/keeping warm, listen to actual rock star/ librarian Julie Jurgens sing amazing songs that she wrote.


Be careful out there!