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Local Chapter of the Month: Minnesota

Each month, we’ll be recognizing and featuring one local chapter. We hope this helps you discover new groups, get ideas for meet-ups and discussions for your chapter, and also reward all the networking that’s going on and the work that goes into that.

This month I’m recognizing the Minnesota SU Chapter.


Minnesota is really crushing it. They have more than 100 members, they’re sharing the events and opportunities for networking that already exist in their state, they’re highlighting resources I didn’t know about, posting job ads, and asking really great questions.

Go, Minnesota!

Here’s what I love about their chapter:

  • They’re using other local events as a way to meet each other and connect.
  • Many members are involved in sharing and really interested in discussions on articles.
  • They’re really interested in seeing each other grow.

So go take a gander at their group and find some awesome resources!

Just joining us on local chapters? Find yours here and find some information about what it takes to be a chapter leader.


Call for Local Chapter Leaders

Our local chapters are growing and thriving, but it’s time to add even more!  Could you be a chapter leader? Find out more by reading below.


—   —   —   —   —


Do you work with children in a public library?


Are you a positive user of the SU community who is passionate about our mission?


Do you have energy and creativity for recruiting members, organizing events, and staying in touch with your group?


This volunteer position will require around one hour of your time each week and may also require travel to locations closer to members of your group. You will be responsible for the following:


  • Answering emails and inquiries from your members in a timely manner (within two weeks at most).
  • Reaching out through local associations, listservs and groups, and established connections with your peers to recruit and maintain members.
  • Leading friendly conversations to help members share resources in your group.
  • Listening to feedback and advising on planning get-togethers.
  • Attending get-togethers and helping members connect in person.

The perks of being a local chapter leader are these:


  • It’s a way to show leadership and a concern for professional development.
  • You’ll develop new friendships and connections with like-minded peers.
  • Sharing resources can mean that your work life gets easier.

Also, it basically makes you a mini-joint chief and a trusted ambassador to your local professionals.


With that in mind, we, the Joint Chiefs, have a big responsibility in choosing local chapter leaders. If you’re interested in taking on this role, please email us with responses to the following questions to help us decide if you’re the right fit. Keep in mind that not all applicants may be chosen, but we will consider carefully. Thanks for your interest, regardless!


  1. Please briefly describe your experience working with children in a public library.
  2. List three ways that you plan to connect with your peers and recruit members.
  3. Tell us why you’d like to be a local chapter leader.

storytimeunderground at gmail dot com


Local SU Chapters: February Update

It’s time again to look at what our local chapters are up to!


First off, we’re slowly growing in the number of chapters and members. We have chapters in 25 states and our Facebook members are up to 858! That’s so many people trying to connect to their peers and we’re thrilled to see all your enthusiasm for networking and growing your learning opportunities!




I’ve been peeking at our Facebook groups and checking in with leaders and I can see that some amazing things are happening! I see librarians teaching each other how to play ukulele, sharing job postings, helping with difficult reader advisory’s questions, sharing local resources, and brainstorming programs.


Some of you have had some fun in-person meetings, too! There have been coffee shop gatherings, flannel parties, and storytime show and tells. Look at all of us meeting our neighbors! You know who would be proud?



For some of you, things are going a little slowly and that’s okay, too! The formation of these chapters opens a channel for you to use when you need it. Just like our storytime attendance and planning, it comes and goes and we just stay ready to go with the flow.


Here are a couple things I want to leave you with.


  1. You don’t have to leave it all up to your chapter leaders. Initiate discussions, offer up ideas, and maybe even offer to host events that are closer to you if your chapter covers a big area. Your leaders should help facilitate connections, but they shouldn’t be responsible for everything.
  2.  We need more chapter leaders!  If you’re interested in taking on the role of getting the ball rolling, send us an email with a little information about your background. The joint chiefs will do some checking to make sure you’re a good fit and involved with the SU community already in a positive way, but we’re here to help and to support our leaders and chapters. You do not have to be an MLS-toting professional or even a seasoned veteran. We just want someone with a passion and energy for bringing people together. Reach out to us!



Local Chapters: January Check-Up


Are you ready for some exciting news?!


We now have 26 local chapters in 24 states!


In the Facebook groups that have been shared with the joint chiefs, there are 316 members!






The joint chiefs are constantly in a huddle, jumping up and down about this! You are all amazing! We’re thrilled and excited about all the potential here.


I wanted to take a moment to give you all some back up and a little pep talk.


Are you looking for ideas about getting more members?

  • Try looking for listservs in your state and share the link there. Bonus points if you reach some people who haven’t even heard of Storytime Underground before!
  • Advertise it through the “big” Storytime Underground FB group. Write a post, share the link, and draw in some newbies!
  • Talk it up at your next staff meeting or at the next workshop or conference you attend. Often if you check with presenters before they begin a session, they’ll be happy to let you come up toward the end to share a message that would help the group.

Are your Facebook groups a little quiet?

Here are some prompts to help get things rolling:


  • Introduce yourselves here and tell us what your favorite part of storytime is.
  • Share a photo of your storytime space.
  • Tell us about your favorite new or newly discovered storytime read.
  • What do you love most about working with [insert age group here]?
  • Is there anything you struggle with during storytime?
  • Where are you with planning for summer reading?

Some ideas for meet-ups:

We cannot wait to hear about your meetings! When you select a date for your first get-together, please send us an email and we’ll do a round-up showing off all your progress!