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Motivational Monday: November’s Awards

I’m so excited to bring back a feature that means a lot to me. I can remember so many days that have been discouraging to me in my career, and on those days it really helped when I had teammates and peers who reminded me of something I did well or something that made a difference.


That’s what this month’s awards are about. They’re about noticing when someone is down and reaching out with a little bit of encouragement. I hope you consider printing these for one of your co-workers, and even writing a note about a specific story or time on the back.




Motivational Monday: Team-building Awards

This week, we have some new awards for you to hand to your co-workers. Take some time this week and in the coming weeks to observe what your teammates do well and praise them for it. These awards are just examples, but please feel free to print them and give them to someone. I would encourage you to write a specific note on the back about what you’ve noticed.


Building a happy, powerful library is on the shoulders of each and every person who works there. Don’t forget your security guards, your IT helpers, and your janitors. Encourage someone every day, if you can.


For those of you who work mostly alone, take some time to reflect on what you do well and reward yourself somehow.






Do you have a way of lifting up your teammates? What are some practices that work well for you? Please share your stories in the comments.

Motivational Monday: Award Some Encouragement

To help get you motivated and ready for the work week, we’re starting you off with an easy way to encourage your teammates.


As a very busy supervisor, I know that I sometimes miss all the small things my teammates do that make a big difference in the way our patrons connect to the library. It’s so easy to forget to acknowledge how important those things are. While I hope these awards will help supervisors remember that, I also hope it empowers every person on a team to be the one to encourage your co-workers. EVERYONE on a team is responsible for keeping a positive atmosphere and helping each other grow.


Please feel free to print these out and hand them to someone who is doing an amazing job. If you can, I would encourage you to take a few moments to write a couple sentences on the back about a specific thing you observed. You never know what just noticing could mean to someone.


Happy Monday!


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