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It’s Survey Time!

Hello dear readers! We here at Storytime Underground have been doing some behind-the-scenes work on this blog, and we are anxious to hear how you use this community!


So please please please take this short survey to help us build a better community! Oh, and bonus, if you take the survey you will be entered to win some sweet swag!


Thanks from all of us!




We Stand with Transgender Patrons

Transgender and gender nonconforming children are at an increased risk for harassment, depression, self-harm, and suicide. In light of this vulnerability  it is our responsibility to ensure that our collections, spaces, and programs reflect, honor, and validate the experiences of transgender, genderfluid, non-binary, and gender nonconforming children. We must not stand silent as those in power attempt to dismantle protections for transgender students. As youth services professionals, we will fight for the rights of all children, especially for the marginalized and at-risk populations who need us most.  We entreat members of the Storytime Underground community to take specific, targeted actions against intolerance and we pledge to do the same.

We will be following up with ideas for concrete actions to take.

Literacy Fast Fact – Mirrors and Windows

Recently all of the Joint Chiefs had the opportunity to present on various topics at the Nevada Library Association Conference. We also had the distinct pleasure of attending a presentation on diverse library collections presented by Angie Manfredi. In her presentation, she talked about the origin of the idea that children need to both read about worlds different from their own (“windows”) and read about experiences like theirs and children like them (“mirrors”). I admit I didn’t know that the idea was first explored by  Dr. Rudine Sims Bishop in her paper “Mirrors, Windows, and Sliding Glass Doors” and was originally published in 1990. Thank you, Angie, for giving credit where credit is most certainly due!




Coolest Things Strikes Again!

So, we’re a little behind on our reading.




After much catching up, here are just a few things we want to call out this week:


Abby wrote about how asking her staff to do a lap around the children’s area made her space more welcoming and secure AND helped them provide better customer service. Go, Abby!


We LOVE the awards that Bryce made for her staff, recognizing them for all the everyday aches and pains and calling them out for small acts of excellence. Go borrow some of hers and then steals ours while you’re at it.


Are you looking for new material for your fall-themed storytimes? OF COURSE Jbrary has you covered with a round-up of their favorite fall and Halloween songs and rhymes.


Have we pointed out one of our new favorite blogs, Jen in the Library? No? Silly us.  If you’re getting your feet wet with media mentoring and using apps in storytime, her blog is a godsend. She has details on what apps and ebooks she’s using, how she used them, and how they were received.


Did you know that joint chief Holly is working on a guide for Demco on programming with Meeperbots? Don’t worry, you can get a preview of a Battle Bots program here.


Lisa Mulvenna made these adorable foam figures to go with The Nuts: Sing and Dance in Your Polka-Dot Pants. They are the best!