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Literacy Fast Facts: Play is the work of childhood.

Bonus NON-THURSDAY Fast Facts (mostly because somehow this didn’t post last Thursday, but we won’t mention that)


Brytani used this same quotation for her recent (and FABULOUS) post on play, but it bears repeating: Consider this ¬†quotation* from Fred Rogers (*sigh*…how I miss him…) about play. How do you encourage and children to do this important work in their library? How do you share with parents and caregivers information about¬†the skills their kids are developing when they play? Often parents don’t feel comfortable, or able, to play with their children (it seems counter-intuitive, but it’s true). How do you model play and let parents know how much more their children learn when interacting with a caring adult?





*I can hear my college English professor, Ed Moore, in my head right now. “Quotation is the noun! Quote is the verb!” Stuck with me ever since – as has his deep southern accent and how he reeked of cigarette smoke.