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Resolve to Rock Roundup!

At the beginning of January, we challenged you all to Resolve to Rock in 2016. And boy did you! Here’s the round up of all your rockin’ resolutions!

Resolve to Rock meme image

Edited to add:

  • Erin resolves to be positive and be herself (so important!) and get rid of that darn imposter syndrome. Go Erin go!

Check out our original post for even more resolutions in the comments!

Did we miss you? Still want to resolve to rock? Share your resolutions in the comments and we’ll add you in!

Resolve to Rock 2016

Many of you participated in our 2015 invitation to Resolve to Rock and shared your professional goals for the year, and many more of you followed along in support.

Resolve to Rock meme image

At this time last year, I was seven months into my first librarian job, still discovering all the amazing YS librarians and blogs out there, and didn’t have a blog of my own.

So this  year, I am going to Resolve to Rock 2016 by letting go, slowing down, and making sure to take time to just be me. AND I invite you all to join me!

If you participated last year, how did your year go? You might want to write a reflection of what did and didn’t work. Maybe you want to share new (or the same!) goals for 2016. If you’ve never made (or shared) professional goals, consider thinking about a few things you want to focus on for the coming year.

Please feel free to use our rock image on your own blog posts as you consider these questions, and share your thoughts and links in the comments below! We’ll be collecting rocks all month (so if you’re going to Midwinter, no pressure!) and we will happily share a round-up at the end of January.

Rock on, you awesome librarians!

Storytime University: Make Your Resolutions Happen, plus Videos!

The last couple weeks we have seen many of you declare your resolutions for this year. Haven’t seen any yet? Check our round up here.


Ok, so you’ve made your resolution (If you haven’t, go for it! No resolution is too big or too small.) but now how about keeping it? If your resolution involves professional development we hope Storytime University can help with posts these, including ideas for free professional development. And, we’ve decided to reward you for making and keeping your resolutions with our brand new Resolve to Rock badge.




All you have to do is share your resolution(s) either on a blog, in the comments on the Resolve to Rock round up, or on the Storytime University Facebook page. AND, comment on someone else’s resolution or in some way support someone else in making their resolutions happen. Submit your successes and support to earn the badge. Let’s continue to strengthen our amazing, supportive community.


Now for some resources! Today I wanted to highlight some of the videos folks have been watching in order to complete a task for the Grasshopper badge.


This amazing video from Lisa and Thrive After Three.


Jbrary. These and this and this and omg, just watch them all because there are too, too many to link here!


This one of a Toddler Storytime.


This one about puppetry.


King County Tell Me a Story. You should watch all of theirs, too. I’d like to give a big shout out for KCLS because so many librarians with so many styles are showcased. There really is something for everyone.  This one and this one were watched among others.


Storyblocks! This one and this one and so many more!


Sleeping Bunnies!


Denver Public Library’s Read Aloud YouTube channel


There’s a Spider on the Floor. With a giant spider!


More puppets! Steven Engelfried has lots and they are all really awesome.


Deschutes Public Library. I am selfishly very excited to see SO MANY west coasters in video. Go us! Its most likely the air. Or the water. Or something.


Intellidance. There was a crocodile. This is the first I’ve heard of these. Excited to watch some more!



Resolve To Rock Roundup!

We asked the Youth Services Internet Mafia to share their professional goals for 2015. OH BOY did y’all deliver.*


*Lots o’ Links, but also lots o’ GIFs. You know.



Here are the posts we’ve seen so far. If we missed you, or you’re inspired by everyone else and post yours later, let us know and we’ll add you!


The Joint Chiefs led the way:

Kendra wants confidence, balance, and organization.

Brooke wants to strengthen her community connections and step out of her comfort zone.

Amy wants more balance, and to learn to say no. And to weed.

I want to save kids lives with literature. No pressure.

Soraya, who is joining the team in a as-yet-to-be-defined capacity (YAY!) wants to make time for PD, think bigger, and motivate her staff to learn new things.



Lisa at Libraryland was on the exact same wavelength we were, and posted her resolutions before we even put out the call! Great minds and whatnot. She’s looking to write, and get, more grants, and focus on the schools. As a school librarian, I STRONGLY support this.


Annie at So Tomorrow wants to rock reader’s advisory, with some inspiration from the amazing Abby.


dancing animated GIF


Abby herself is focusing on meeting more with her staff, and encrouaging their goals. I wish she were my boss. (I LOVE my boss. Seriously. But MAN would I learn a ton from Abby.)


Lisa at Thrive After Three has a phenomenal list of possible goals, for every stage of your career, to help you feel more comfortable writing your own.


black and white animated GIF


Balance is a big one this year, and Sarah is looking for it as well (Caldecott and a baby? I always suspected she was superhuman. . .). She also wants to keep more stats so she can show how AWESOME she and her staff are.


Katie has some BIG goals, including but not in any way limited to delegating more and learning the ukulele (two things I will never manage).



Kim at Literary Commentary wants to blog more (YES PLEASE), meet more people at conferences (meet us! We are nice!)  and learn the ukulele. All y’all with your musical abilities. Honestly.


Brytani kills it and hits close to home with a reminder to love ourselves for the librarians we already are.


Carrie at The Lion is a Bookworm wants to read more, weed more, blog and write more. Amen.



Andrea at yogibrarian (She’s doing yoga not stealing picnic baskets. I think.) is setting goals for her BRAND NEW blog! Go check it out!


Laura at Literacious (it’s alliterative AND clever <3) is going to get more involved with this crazy online community of ours, among other things.


As always, the SU Facebook group had great input. Good luck on that closet, Karen.




Miss Kelly at the Library has got BIG GOALS this year. Graphic Novels, Outreach, Parachutes and more!


Jayla’s committed to outreach, professional participation, and more blogging (YESSSS). She does not mention this in her post, but I happen to know that one of her goals is to spend more time eating tacos with ME in 2015.


Jess at From the Liberry Of is making her snacks allergen-friendly and her programming gender-neutral. Be still my heart!


AND AND AND, Mel is resolving to say no more, and put stuff aside for later less.



(Also more GIFs)


More reading and more weeding from Amy C. at Catch the Possibilities.


Bryce hit it out of the park with a sort of follow up to Brytani’s post, which in turn I will probably follow up on at some point because it has my brain percolating about Things.


Another one of you committed to learning the uke. I’m still not falling to this peer pressure. Anne is also resolving to blog more (I’m holding all of you to this. ALL OF YOU), use the PLN for innovation, and encourage her team members to do the same. Love it!



Regina at A Friendly Journey wants to read more professional journals (me tooooo!), strengthen her non-English language skills (ME TOO) and “Create connections, community, and writings that have a positive impact on the world and those with whom I share this beautiful planet.” YESSSSS. Let’s be friends.


Kristen wants to be more intentional about adding new songs and rhymes to her repertoire,  presume good intentions, and have more fun with work. Let’s ALSO be friends.


Miss Meg is going to learn new things (INCLUDING UKULELE) and be an advocate. SPOILER: There are pictures in this post of her NEW KITTEN.


How are you resolved to rock in 2015? Comment, tweet, blog, or join the FB convo. We can’t wait!

Resolve to Rock Resolutions From a Night Owl Librarian

This is my first official post and I’m gonna kick it off by posting my resolutions for Resolve to Rock but firstly I want to thank the Joint Chiefs here at SU for all the awesomeness they’ve created through this site and social media. It’s such a wonderful opportunity to grow and be surrounded and supported by colleagues and peers from around the world and I thank you guys for letting me a part of it all!


I’d like to very briefly introduce myself before getting started. My name is Soraya Silverman-Montano, I’m currently a Youth Services Librarian with the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District. I’d describe myself as a gamer, crafter, cosplayer and unique chef; an avid reader of mostly YA fiction, manga and comics and I LOVE storytime, Mad Science, and teen programming. 🙂 I hope to push myself even farther this year by growing professionally and personally through these three goals:


1.) Think bigger! I think I’ve always been a bit outspoken on new ideas that wander into my head but I’d really like to push those thoughts forward into concrete, physical results. And I don’t want to be reserved about ideas that could have a huge impact on not only my branch or my district but my community as a whole. Libraries are evolving rapidly and I feel we either have to adapt and embrace the change or we’re going to fall behind and become obsolete before we know what hit us. If I’m able to formulate my thoughts into solid, realistic and strategic plans that could be one day be implemented, then I will feel unbelievably accomplished within my profession.


2.) Dedicate time every week towards professional development. Whether through webinars, professional journals, shadowing or other outlets, I want to make sure that I have an explicit day and time to force myself to dedicate towards growth. I have such a backlog of things I’ve been meaning to do and maybe I’ll find time here and there to knock a couple things off my list but I feel if I say: “Every Monday, from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. I will either watch one webinar or read two professional journals.” then I will create a routine that will become natural to accomplish over time.


3.) Push my staff towards professional development as well. I’m extremely fortunate to have an excellent team of employees and I see so much potential within them to grow. I make sure to ask them before their annual evaluations to see where they want to end up within our library district. If they have an interest in another department, I set aside time during the week for cross training. However, I want to go a step farther and create specific goals and assignments to gain individual skills in order to obtain the positions they desire. And just by working towards those goals I’ll have even more opportunities to support and celebrate their hard work. Not that I need an excuse to do so but I personally feel proud of myself for reaching goals I’ve set and I’d hope for them to feel that sense of accomplishment as well.


I’ve loved hearing about everyone else’s goals today and can’t wait to see what incredible things we’ll achieve! I wish you all an AMAZING 2015 and a lovely evening as well!