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Storytime University: Scarf Love

It’s time for another Storytime University recap! This time I’m sharing the submissions from those who completed the Scarf Love task (part of the Storytime ABCs badge). As more submissions come in I will add scarf activities to this post, so check back! And, if you have a fabulous scarf song, register for Storytime University and complete the Scarf Love task found here.


Scarf Love

Use scarves in storytime. Tell us what you used to complete this task.


There are 14 of you who have completed the Scarf Love task, sharing a scarf song in your storytimes. Here are the activities you used.


Use with “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” (can be found on Kimbo Musical Scarves & Activities) to help kids settle in to starting storytime or as a scarf activity during storytime.


“We Are Waving Up and Down” to the tune of “London Bridge is Falling Down.”


A weather song made up on the spur of the moment where our scarves were the rain falling, the wind blowing, and and sun rising, and a sort of scarf obstacle course where we waved the different coloured scarves in different hands or put them on our heads, or ran around the room screaming and waving them!


Jbrary’s scarf songs. Little Bo Peep: sing or chant the lyrics and when you come to part that she can’t find her sheep, the kids must hide the scarf. The 2-3 year olds loved it so much, that I know do this scarf song on a weekly basis. Thanks Jbrary for the new fun activity! Also use “Popcorn Kernels” and “We Wave Our Scarves Together” from Jbrary.


It’s easy to dance along with recorded music, but the Mix a Pancake rhyme is my favorite.


With a bugs storytime theme use scarves as butterflys to Marah Carey’s “Butterfly.”


We used scarves with R week. We sang a song about colors, and then waved the scarves to make our own rainbow.


Use with the story Freight Train by Donald Crews.


Our favorite song with scarves is “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. We also have multiple CD’s that have voice followed directions for scarves and/or beanie babies.