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Literacy Fast Fact: Early Relationships Matter

Studies show that the relationships we have when we’re young with the adult caregivers in our lives make a difference in how we learn. Having loving caregivers who meet a child’s needs and provide stability and support goes a long way towards buffering toxic stress that can have a long-term impact on learning and growth.


Children who feel loved, safe and happy are better learners.


Learn more about the importance of early relationships in this article from Zero to Three.



Advocacy Toolbox: Harvard Center on the Developing Child

Welcome to another installment of Advocacy Toolbox, where we share with you some great Advocacy Toolbox with watermark (1)sites and information to keep in your toolbox and use when talking about the value of storytime and early literacy programming in libraries!


Today I’d like to share with you the Harvard Center on the the Developing Child, which supports research into early child development including the science of brain development and policy change.  On their website, explore the science behind executive function and self-regulation, the benefits serve-and-return conversation, and the effects of toxic stress on early development.


I especially love their cool, short videos that can be easily shared with parents. Several are even available in Spanish! Here’s one on basic brain architecture and how early experiences help shape it:


This is powerful, but accessible, stuff, folks. Add it to your toolbox!