Babies Need Words Every Day: the blog tour

Today I am SO THRILLED to be hopping on board the Babies Need Words Every Day blog tour! Do you know about Babies Need Words Every Day? This awesome work by the ALSC Early Childhood Programs and Services Committee highlights the importance of early literacy to help bridge the 30 Million Word Gap by providing a whole bunch of FREE resources for parents, librarians, caregivers…basically anyone who has every looked at a child. These beautiful posters are perfect for hanging up in your library and sharing with your community.

 BNWED blog tour

This week, the BNWED blog tour has highlighted four incredibly important early literacy skills: READ, SING, TALK, and PLAY, and a whole host (get it?) of fantabulous librarians have shared how they are using the BNWED posters in their libraries to encourage reading, singing, talking, and playing.

Go ahead, take a look. The blog posts shared on this tour offer a ton of really great new ideas and suggestions for ways to use the posters, ways to encourage early literacy skills in storytime and in the library, and even ideas to get the resources out into the community.

I printed all the posters on pretty much the first day they were available, and learned a TON from going back and looking at all the other resources now on the site. (Right? They weren’t all there from day one, were they? Am I blind? Maybe I should just stop talking…) After reading about my wonderful colleagues’ displays and suggestions, I am bursting with new things to try. How about sending posters to the pediatric department at your local clinic or hospital! Why not bring some along to hand out at your next outreach visits! Give them out in storytime! To your board members! On street corners!

Babies Need Words Every Day: the blog tour

So dear ninjas, go forth and conquer! Read up on the resources. Catch up on the blog tour and borrow ideas. Then print off some posters and booklists and start sharing! Let us know how YOU are using these resources below in the comments!

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