Storytime University

Welcome to Storytime University, where we at Storytime Underground, with your assistance and participation, are subverting the dominant paradigm of professional development.

This isn’t your library school prof’s professional development. It’s not limited to top-down soaking-up of professional information. It’s participatory. It’s collaborative. It’s whatever works to keep you growing as a youth services practitioner.

How Storytime University Works

First step: enroll! After you’ve signed up check the badges page to see all the kinds of professional development you can do for credit. When you see a badge you would like to earn, click to see which tasks are required in order to earn it. Bonus, you get badges for completing tasks, too! Each badge and task comes with instructions for how to earn it-just click on the badge title to learn more.

Ready to get your credit? Tell us what you did to complete a task in that task’s submission box. You will automatically be rewarded with a digital badge. You can share this badge on social media networks or add it to your Credly account (you can create one for free if you don’t have one). Show off your badges to your boss, co-workers, or anyone who will listen, but mostly be proud of yourself for adding to your professional knowledge bank.

Every now and then we will post on the blog opportunities in the library community, and beyond, to complete tasks and earn badges. Also, as new opportunities and ideas present themselves, new badges may be added.

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